Building Distributed Systems and Microservices in Go with NATS Streaming

Introducing NATS Streaming

File store for persistent logs

Setup NATS Streaming

go get
go get
nats-streaming-server \--store file \--dir ./data \--max_msgs 0 \--max_bytes 0
--store <string>           Store type: MEMORY|FILE (default: MEMORY)
--dir <string> For FILE store type, this is the root directory
--max_msgs <int> Max number of messages per channel (0 for unlimited)
--max_bytes <size> Max messages total size per channel (0 for unlimited)
NATS Streaming Server runs using an embedded NATS Server

Building Distributed Systems with NATS Streaming

msg.Ack() // Manual ACK

Clustering NATS Streaming Server

Fault Tolerance



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